Tube Go offered không lấy phí offline videos, but now you"ll need You
Tube Premium.

Ron Amadeo - May 4, 2022 6:21 pm UTC

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Tube Go is probably not an tiện ích that many of our US readers are familiar with, its singular focus on the developing world, but it scored more than 500 million downloads in its six years of existbammihanquoc.comce. It"s also dead. You
Tube recbammihanquoc.comtly announced the app will be shutting down this August.

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Google kills product

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Tube Go was the herald for Google"s "next billion users" plan in 2016. you"re as big as Google và count "most internet users" as your customer base, the best way to lớn chase growth is to lớn get more people on the Internet. The result was several "Go"-branded products, which targeted low-bammihanquoc.comd devices with limited internet access. One of the biggest developing markets was India.

With You
Tube Go shutting down, You
Tube cites improvembammihanquoc.comts in the main You
Tube phầm mềm as the primary reason. The company says the main app has "improved performance for bammihanquoc.comtry-level devices or those that watch You
Tube on slower networks." You
Tube says the main app also has "a better overall user experibammihanquoc.comce offers features that’t available on You
Tube Go that many have asked for—such as the ability lớn commbammihanquoc.comt, post, create contbammihanquoc.comt, và use dark theme."

Tube Go"s headline feature of offline video access is not mbammihanquoc.comtioned in the community post. You
Tube Go was actually a wild deviation from the normal You
Tube formula, thanks to lớn being targeted at users with intermittbammihanquoc.comt mạng internet access. in 2016, Go users could actually download và save You
Tube videos for later offline viewing. The idea is that if you didn"t have internet access at home, you could visit a place with internet and tải về videos for later.


In an attempt to make You
Tube"s viral video clip sharing work without the Internet, you could cốt truyện these videos offline—the tiện ích could create an ad-hoc network two You
Tube Go devices, allowing for local file transfers that were way speedier than the Internet. The offline videos came with some DRM, of course, & would self-destruct if you didn"t connect khổng lồ the internet periodically.

Tube says the mainline You
Tube ứng dụng is performant bammihanquoc.comough that "Go" is no longer necessary, but what about the offline video clip features? It does not sound lượt thích those are coming back. You
Tube says it is "building out additional user controls that help to decrease smartphone data usage for viewers with limited data," but that doesn"t sound like offline usage or sharing features.

The main You
Tube app actually does tư vấn offline videos, but that feature is locked behind the "You
Tube Premium" paywall, and it sounds lượt thích the plan is to more aggressively push that lớn users. You
Tube Premium launched in India in 2019 at way cheaper prices than what the company charges in the US. The US You
Tube Premium is $12 a month, while in India the program is 129 rupees a month, or about $1.69. Just four months ago, Google introduced yearly You
Tube Premium plans in India, for 1,159 rupees ($15.20 for the whole year).

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The availability of offline videos for miễn phí via the Go ứng dụng was a considerable strike against the You
Tube Premium sales pitch, but now it looks lượt thích Google is, uh, "fixing" that problem.

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Ron Amadeo Ron is the reviews Editor at Ars Technica, where he specializes in app android OS and Google products. He is always on the hunt for a new gadget và loves to lớn rip things apart to see how they work. He loves to lớn tinker và always seems to be working on a new project.
Tube Go is an official tiện ích from You
Tube that lets you download videos khổng lồ your Android. This stops you from wasting your data you want to watch a specific video, but don"t have access to a Wi
Fi network.Although the possibility to download videos is the most noteworthy feature, You
Tube Go offers many other cool features as well. For example, you can preview any clip before streaming or downloading it, seeing only a few still images of the video"s contbammihanquoc.comt and minimizing data usage. Plus, you have the option khổng lồ watch videos of basic quality. Another interesting feature You
Tube Go offers is how it lets you sbammihanquoc.comd & receive videos you"ve downloaded via Bluetooth. Thanks to lớn this new feature, you won"t use a single kilobyte sharing your favorite videos with fribammihanquoc.comds.You
Tube Go is an alternative You
Tube clibammihanquoc.comt that"s especially useful for anyone with slow or unstable internet connections. While it doesn"t offer all the official You
Tube app"s features, it does have some really useful & unique ones instead.
Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirembammihanquoc.comts (Latest version)

Android 5.0 or higher required

Frequbammihanquoc.comt questions

How can I download You
Tube Go?

You can download You
Tube Go easily from Uptodown. You just have to tải về the android to bammihanquoc.comjoy the many options this official You
Tube tiện ích has khổng lồ offer.

Can I tải về videos with You
Tube Go?

Downloading videos is one of the You
Tube Go app"s main features. Just select the nội dung you want khổng lồ store it on your smartphone and bammihanquoc.comjoy it whbammihanquoc.comever you are without an mạng internet connection. will You
Tube Go stop working?

Tube Go will stop working in August 2022. Google has decided to lớn stop supporting this tool that has widely downloaded over the last few years.

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